Top 9 Benefits of Living In A Service Apartment

Service apartments are the best alternatives to hotels. That’s why service apartments are going popular these days. Most of the traveler’s especially business travelers prefer service apartments for leisure and stay. Service apartments are the ideal accommodation to stay for business purposes. Most of the people are still not able to get the major difference between Hotel vs Service apartments. Service apartments are offering some of the best benefits that no hotel can provide. Here are the top 9 benefits of the stay in service apartments:

1. 24-hour Service Support

Service apartments are the best option for professionals when they are on their business trip. Now a day life is so busy that is why no one has enough time to get each and every information about their travel destination. But service apartments minimize this problem so accurately. Because they have some professionals known as concierge and they are the master of organization. They are having enough knowledge of the local area, delivering services, theaters etc. In this way, they make your stay more enjoyable.

2. Comforts Like Home

Service apartments are known for its home-like comfort. Because of home like comforts these apartments are becoming more popular than Hotels. In this kind of apartments, the guest is not limited to just a single room with attached bathroom. Even there are lots of spaces providing by the apartments. E.g. these apartments often include a separate sleeping space, living area, entertainment devices like Smart TV, Music system, High-speed wifi etc. These services always create a home-like atmosphere.

3. Fully Equipped Modular Kitchen

The fully equipped modular kitchen is the best part of any serviced apartment. It is a good part for the longer stay. And also allows the flexibility for cooking of your own comfort. Most of the fully equipped modular kitchen includes all the major utensils, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, high-quality gas burners. Usually, the kitchen is so hygienic and safe for the cooking. If the guest doesn’t want to cook the food but also not want to eat the restaurant food. In this case, they can call the concierge to arrange the private chef of them. The chef will cook the food at the service apartment restaurant and the guest can enjoy the healthy food.

4. Privacy and freedom

Service apartments allow the privacy and the freedom to the guest. Here freedom stands for the guest can play, relax and work at any time whenever they want. The best part of it is that the guest has full control of the apartments. So that they can arrange a meeting anytime in the living room. There is no need to have a conference room like a hotel. On the other hand, the guest also enjoys their privacy with their family and friends without the disturbance.  The privacy makes service apartments the best place to live outside the home with the same privacy.

5. More Space

More space means you can attend to many people in the service apartments. Usually, service apartment space is more than 30% of an average hotel guest room. More space allows the guest to arrange a meeting “not business meeting all the time” with their friends. They can also arrange a kind of get together with their family members. The space of serviced apartments allows children to have fun in the service apartment itself. That’s why service apartments are also becoming popular among families.

6. Cost-effective

It is always a big challenge for anyone to have a memorable stay when outside his or her home. But in most of the cases, the guest needs to spend more money to have a comfortable accommodation on their tour (business or personal). The service apartment is a very cost-effective option for accommodation on the tour. Because they charged per apartment rather than per person. That makes the most economical option for the stay. There are also some additional benefits in rates for the long-term stay. That makes them the best choice for long stay usually a couple of weeks.

7. Security

Serviced apartments are the most secure place to live for the traveler. Most of the service apartments provide high-end security. The security includes 24x7 surveillance cameras in and outside the apartments, security guard, fire alarm, theft alarm etc. These days service apartments are becoming more advance it provide the most complex high-end security in its premises. It provides the most advanced security like face recognition, and fingerprint scanning to enter the service apartments.

8. Housekeeping

Housekeeping is also a part of the services of any service apartment. Housekeeping provides the room cleaning at the regular interval a day, probably two times a day. It makes the service apartment more clean and hygienic. The guest needs not to clean any part of the serviced apartments. If the guest stays in the service apartments for the long stay then they can take the full advantages of housekeeping services.

9. Welcome Kit

The welcome kit also is known as welcome as welcome pack. It is also a service of a hotel. But these days’ service apartments are providing most of the service of a hotel. It is one of them. The welcome kit includes tea, coffee, and toiletries. The main purpose of the welcome kit is to make the guest feel more comfortable and relaxed.


After reading all the major benefits of the service apartments. The guest has to choose a serviced apartment to save their money. And also make their stay more enjoyable. Get the most beautiful luxury service apartments in Delhi with Balaji Services. And get the experience of service apartments at the lowest cost. So what are you waiting for start your search with Balaji Services?


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